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Biometrics4ALL is a leading biometrics technology company specializing in FBI Certified Live Scan and related products and services for Applicant Background Check, Criminal Booking, and Biometrics Identity Management.  
  • Biometrics4ALL leads the industry in superior Live Scan software architecture, creativity, technology innovations, customer service, and cost effective pricing.
  • Our LiveScan software, Central Management Solution (a.k.a. Store & Forward/NIST archive), and web-based application are far ahead of our competitors and hands down the easiest to use.
  • We manage the largest LiveScan network on a single heterogeneous network in North America with over 1,000 LiveScans connected, transmitting over 600,000 transactions annually.
  • We provide complete integration with ALL major Live Scan hardware vendors, including:Cross Match, Identix (L1/Sagem), and i3

Consequently, Biometrics4ALL has been rewarded by customers and industry partners with contracts and partnerships such as:

  • New York State Police and NY Division of Criminal Justice Services.
  • Los Angeles Countywide (Including LA Sheriff) Live Scan Contract.
  • NEC (Top 3 AFIS vendors) partnership, where NEC sells and markets Biometrics4ALL's LiveScan as a part of NEC's product offerings.
  • Outstanding win rate: 90+% of all customers who contacted us and purchased Live Scans, purchased from us.
  • High rate of additional unit purchases from existing customers.
We sincerely invite you to visit the rest of our website and please contact our sales department for additional details.

Sincerely, Biometrics4ALL Management Team
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