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LiveScan4ALL with Cross Match LS1-100 Single Finger Scanner

Quick Single Finger Capture
  • Large Single Finger Capture Surface
  • Optical Scanner Quality
  • Heated Surface
  • Low Maintenance
  • Harden Glass Surface
  • USB or Firewire
Single Finger Capture
  • The Cross Match LS1-100 single finger scanner offers one of the largest single finger capture surface, excellent for identification, verification, and credential issuance.
  • Cross Match is a veteran hardware manufacturer with 10+ years of experience and acquired another hardware veteran Heimann Biometrics in 2005.
  • None coating scanning surface for ease of operation.
  • Superior handling of "dryer" fingers.
  • Heated surface to eliminate hallo (fogging) effect and improves image.
  • Hardened glass for maximum scratch resistance characteristics.
  • Quick scan response.

  • Capture Size 1.2"W x 1.2"H
  • Image Type: Single Finger
  • Dimension 3.2"Wx 3.3"H x 6.5"D
  • Weight 1.3 lbs
  • Mounting Plate
  • Temp. Range 50 ~ 103F
  • Connectivity USB2
  • Power Source USB
  • Heated Surface
  • Ideal for Identify Verification
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